• 08 April, 2021

    Education and Innovation

Education and Innovation

What is Education?

There are so many definitions for education, but according to Wikipedia, Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.

What is Innovation?

Let’s have a look at what some educators’ think Innovation in Education is;

“Innovation in education means allowing imagination to flourish and not be afraid to try new things. Sometimes these new things fail but it’s awesome when they are a success.

Without the right attitude, innovation would just be a word and the art of education would miss out on some great accomplishments.” – Valerie

Innovation in education means doing what’s best for all students. Teachers, lessons, and curriculum have to be flexible. We have to get our students to think and ask questions. We need to pique their curiosity, and find ways to keep them interested. Innovation means change, so we have to learn that our students need more than the skills needed to pass the state assessments given every spring.

We have to give them tools that will make them productive in their future careers.” – Kimberly

Having gone through some of the meaning of Innovation in Education as described by some teachers, I’ve come to agree that Innovation in Education is just doing what’s best for students.

What then do we have to do for innovation to work in education?

For Innovation to work in education;

• It has to be inclusive enough to make sure that every teacher and student see themselves in the process.

• It has to be driven by a need to improve practice for improved students’ performance.

• Create flexible learning environments.

• Let students take risks and fail.

• Invite Entrepreneurs and Innovators into the classroom.

Some Characteristics of an Innovative Educator





5.Change Agent.

“Innovation in education is about more than just technology.  It’s about how you can use technology to empower students to become lifelong learners who are agents of change, “ said Steven Sutantro, teacher in Jakarta Barat, Indonesia.

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Sola Adeola Sogebra

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