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Join as a Standard member and have more access to ICEDT membership benefits. We're so thrilled to work together with you to transform teaching and learning.  As a Standard member, you can download all Basic member resources PLUS more, lead community discussions or share ideas and connect with like-minded educators on specific edutech topics. Join Standard educators and school leaders who are leveraging the power of technology to make a difference in education. 


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Benefits and Pricing

ICEDT Standard Membership Pricing
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Standard members have access to all Basic members plus more ICEDT curated teaching resources, textbooks, e-notes, curriculum, e-Books, learning videos, edutech podcasts, lesson plans, lecture videos, teaching templates, edutech apps, personalized educator portfolio, membership certificate, school leaders resources, ICEDT podcasts and webinars with all prices lowered by 50%. Standard members can join ICEDT community discussions on specific topics bordering on edutech and can contribute to conversations. They also get discounts in the ICEDT Store and on annual summit registration. All ICEDT members receive our monthly newsletter and yearly magazine that provides adequate, relevant and an in-depth look into the issues, edutech, practices, policies and tools that inspire educators to empower learners.

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