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ICEDT is home to up-to-date premium teaching and learning resources, information, community, mentorship, professional learning and online courses with certifications recognized worldwide. We help educators around the world use technology to re-imagine education, innovate teaching and empower learners.

At ICEDT, we know that technology is changing the way we teach and learn. With an increased demand for teaching and learning resources, professional development and access to edutech community, thousands of educators are transitioning to developing the foundational skill of the 21st century. Educators need adequate opportunities to develop and to collaborate with other educators so that they feel supported in their ongoing growth.

ICEDT is an independent edutech resource community for educators around the world and a global non-for-profit organization. Our focus is to build an inclusive community that will support 10 million educators in the next 5 years. We currently support educator across the African continent, providing independent guidance, and delivering professional learning for the digital age.




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