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The International Community for Educational Technology (ICEDT) is a membership portal for educators and school leaders who are passionately leveraging the power of technology to continue to transform the way we teach and learn. ICEDT is a consortium for schools edutech resources, educators' community, courses, mentorship and professional development with globally recognized certifications. ICEDT recognizes and celebrate achievements of educators on our network of schools.

Get all the resources, knowledge and skills you need to transform teaching and empower your learners to achieve core set of expected skills and competences that will be required for the world they will live in as adults.  

ICEDT invites you to dive into our dynamic educators' edutech resource center and connect with other educators to collaborate, learn, belong engage and advance teaching and learning with technology - an essential element of learning yet inequitable in use or applied.


To build a community where educators are inspired to use technology to empower learners to develop core set of expected skills and competences that would be required in the world they would live in as adults.

To empowered educators with resources to engage, learn, belong and collaborate globally to solve tough educational problems with technology.

We value:

> Integrity

> Leadership 

> Learning

> Community

> Collaboration

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