Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

Category: PREMIUM

Course Details

  • Understand key programming concepts and apply them using Scratch.
  • This free online course will provide a comprehensive introduction to programming, designed for non-subject-specialist primary or K-5 teachers.
  • Over four weeks, we’ll introduce you to key programming concepts. You’ll have the chance to apply your understanding of them through projects, both unplugged and on a computer, using Scratch as the programming language. You’ll discover common mistakes and pitfalls, and develop strategies to fix them.

  • By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...
  • Explain key programming concepts; algorithms, sequencing, repetition, variables and selection.
  • Produce programs using the Scratch programming language.
  • Reflect on your learning and create ideas for your classroom practice.
  • Explore programming concepts through projects, both unplugged and digital.
  • Apply a cross curricular approach to programming.


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