• 29 June, 2021

    5 Teaching Strategies Teachers shouldn't overlook in this Era

The evolution of teaching has changed in the last few years with the introduction of new technology which aids teaching and learning.

In a world where technology continues to improve every sector it touches, the education sector has become one of the biggest beneficiaries.

The advancement of technology in education now means educators need to improve their skills to be up to date with the latest trend that will help in making

teaching easier and educative.

Below are the 5 topmost strategies teachers shouldn't overlook in this era:

1. Know Your Pupils and Develop Their Respect

This statement may look simple but it's not, teachers have to ensure that they understand the behaviour of their students towards all activities being done in the


The relationship between teacher and student is a vital element of the learning experience, without a good relationship, it will be difficult to get the required


2. Explicit Instructions

Students tend to get confused when not given an instruction that's well outlined. Instructions on assignment, class works and task should be properly discussed

 in a way that's easier to understand.

Teachers should ensure that there are frequent questioning and guided practice to help pupils learn a topic.

3. Teach the Vocabulary

Every topic has its terms and its essential students are put through the phases of each topic for quick understanding.

Teachers should never assume that students must have been used with some terms. There’s no excuse for children being without the relevant topic vocabulary. 

4. Deliberate Practice

Deliberate Practice involves breaking learning down into a series of sub-skills, each of which is deliberately practised in turn.

Five steps involved in deliberate practice are:

Isolate the skill

Develop the skill

Assess the skill

Final performance

Retrieval practice later

5. Problem Solving 

Human is forced to face difficulties every day of their life and in such case, a solution is always needed. Teachers are tasked with improving their student's

knowledge and problem-solving skills should be an aspect they don't overlook.


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