• 14 July, 2021

    Feeling stressed while teaching?? Here are basic tips on how to control stress

Teaching is fun but sometimes it can be stressful due to some circumstances which include environment, students being taught and the likes. It feels awkward when educators tend to get stressed during the course of carrying out their duties, so it's important they know how to manage stress.

Research has shown that some educators don't have time for their family due to stress at work, in order not to fall into such a category, try the listed strategies and be saved from stress.

Know your priorities

This is an important aspect when trying to control stress, educators should be clear about their priorities for the day so as not to get choked with work. 

Committing yourself to work that doesn’t align with your priorities is not advisable.

Be aware of what stresses you out

Every educators needs to understand what gets on their nerves during the course of carrying out their responsibilities. Have a list of what stresses you out during teaching, when they occur, use them as an opportunity to practice your stress-reduction techniques and note what works.

Forgive yourself: don't dwell on past mistakes. 

We all make mistakes, so dwelling on the past might hinder what's about to come. You need to forgive yourself and move past what has happened in the past.

Don't bottle up anger & frustrations

Bottling up anger and frustrations can lead to stress. You must let go of waves of anger and frustrations by addressing difficult situations with colleagues or talking to a friend who is a trusted sounding board.  This will also ensure that good relationship is built between teachers and students. 

Set aside time each day for recreation and exercise

We all have something we love to do during our spare time, Exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling are good to relieve stress. Meditation, yoga, pilates and dance are also excellent. Find what's suitable for you and be consistent with it.

Take your time

Time is very important in your day to day activities; don't be rushed as frenzied activities lead to errors, regrets and stress. Plan ahead of time; be composed during lectures so students will not be on the losing end.

Practice gratitude

Each day comes with its difficulties but you must try and find something positive about each workday even the tough ones.

Reminisce on the situation you handled well during lectures and ensure that those memories are in your mind when going into stressful situations.

Cut down on drinking, smoking, sedatives & stimulants

There's an adage that says, Health is wealth, it's important you take necessary measures towards your health as an educator. Excess consumption of alcohol, smoke, sedatives and stimulants will harm your health so as an educator you must stay clear. 

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