• 08 November, 2021

    CBT Examination and Assessment : A platform that should be introduced to students at an early stage

Examination in schools has taken a new shape with the introduction of CBT (Computer-based Exam), a process that has made the writing of examinations easier and faster.

CBT exam is a computer-based exam made up of theoretical practice-based knowledge.

In Computer-based testing (CBT), computer technology is employed, which means the candidates use computers to answer questions presented on the monitor.

It is all multiple-choice questions and it will take place in a test center or can be completed online or offline depending on the format it's being programmed.


This exam is also known as Electronic Assessment.


Nowadays various colleges and universities are taking computer-based examinations for different types of assessments.

However, it's of utmost importance that students are introduced to CBT at an early stage.

Some institutions have become popular for introducing this system to students at the age of 16 and above.

However, this is a wrong approach to a system that has a better advantage of helping students in their quest of achieving greatness in life. Students are to be introduced to CBT exams from the tender age of seven, wondering why this is important?.

CBT examination and assessment adds more value to students when introduced to them at a tender age than at a certain age grade used by institutions.

Some of the advantages introduction of CBT does to students are stated below:

CBT Examination is used to identify student strengths and weaknesses at their tender age.

  • This type of examination helps students to boost their confidence and introducing it to them at an early stage will play a good role.
  • CBT Examination helps the student to uncover new aspects of thinking, it also reveals underlying aspects of students’ problem-solving skills.
  • This platform also helps students in understanding the value of integrity.


How can i deploy CBT in my institution?


This has become one of the most asked question among educators as many believe deploying CBT in their institution will cost fortunes. However this is not the case as some free tools are available for this cause.  These free tools will be discussed during the masterclass on CBT Examination and Assessment, (Click here to register).




CBT Examination has come to stay and it's a platform that will continue to improve.

With this in mind, CBT must be introduced to students at an early stage and should not be limited to some age grade as the case may be in some institutions. 


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